Additional GED References

Since the inception of the first GED in 1942, the industry of practice materials surrounding this standardized test has increased many times over, especially with the growth of the Internet, which provides self-help study guides and simulation exams. This multi-million dollar business for companies working in the educational field provides printed documentation materials such as practice questions, flashcards, specialized study guides, and many other materials intended to give an individual an advantage in areas of self-confidence and reassurance.

In addition, GED standardized tests have evolved to keep up with modern educational trends and changing high school curriculum. Accordingly, as previous test versions and practice materials become outdated, they are replaced by new books and printed study guides. Mock exams represent some of the best methods of practice for the GED. Such resources are available from Internet sites allowing interested persons free access to download the latest questions and self-help advice materials related to the GED.

Preparing for an exam requires building self-confidence and motivation to see the task to completion. Self-motivating individuals generally have a record of accomplishment, which enhances their self-esteem and outlook on life. A person who completes his or her GED also has an aptitude for self-starting. Such an individual likely will advance up the promotional ladder in his or her respective field of employment, as well. Preparing for the GED is a serious endeavor, but applicants have many opportunities to access outside sources specifically developed and tested for GED preparation.

One of the primary reasons for failing the GED exam relates to unwise use of study time, practice materials, and other resources. Often persons who fail the exam attempted to cram all of their studying on the subject into a compressed time period, typically the night or week before the exam. Such a method certainly does not constitute an effective means for studying, especially since there are not enough hours in any given evening in which to absorb the information.

Effective studying with GED practice materials requires discipline to review the information several times over. When studying, a person first should attempt to absorb general concepts and then move on to more detailed information. Another similar approach involves focusing on a single topic of information at one time and then building on that topic with another topic. Effective studying requires utilizing time wisely and making the most out of practice materials in order to absorb a particular subject or body of information.

Finally, you should know that the GED exam is currently undergoing a complete rewrite to make it more difficult. The new test won't be used until 2014, however, so all the research and information on our site applies until then.

Last Updated: 05/15/2014