Administration of the GED

The United States Department of Education as well as individual states recognize the GED as an educational testing program for adults seeking certification as having completed a high school level education. The GED also is recognized as an international testing program for use in Canada. The American Council on Education (ACE), a not-for-profit organization, handles administration procedures for the GED.

GED Requirements Can Vary
GED requirements can vary according to the rules and regulations that govern public education within the individual states or territories of the United States and in Canada. As a result, persons applying for the GED should check with either their stateís Department of Education or their local GED Testing Centerís administrator for all applicable governing guidelines.

GED and The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
The ADA mandates the removal of any physical boundaries that might prevent an applicant from taking the GED. Furthermore, this legislation establishes that all candidates for the GED must receive equal treatment regarding their opportunities, regardless of the limitations caused by their learning disabilities. Physical limitations can include the inability to sit for the examís extended period of time, to record the examís answers with a pencil and paper, or to read or hear the instructions of the exam, to name just a few. In addition, an applicantís emotional and psychological disabilities are considered limitations for which applicants must receive accommodation in order for them to sit for the GED exam.

GED Official Test Centers
Only official GED Test Centers can administer the GED, and applicants cannot take the test over the internet. Nonetheless, interested persons can locate a test center with relative ease, since there are over 3,000 testing locations around the world. Across the United States, all fifty states have individual GED Test Centers, commonly found at community colleges, state colleges, and other independent educational centers.

Administration of the GED

GED International Version
GED applicants who reside outside of the United States or Canada also have the opportunity to take the GED. Presently, the GED 2002 English Language Series Exam is offered internationally via computer. The International GED exam is provided in partnership between the ACE GED Testing Service and Prometric Inc., a leading worldwide provider of comprehensive testing services. Official International GED Testing Centers are available worldwide.

GED Transcripts
Steps you must take in order to obtain a copy of your GED transcripts vary depending upon the procedures followed by the individual states and territories within the United States and in Canada. Most of the time you can obtain your transcripts from the Official GED Testing Center where you took the GED exam, or you can contact your particular stateís Department of Education.

Some readers have asked us about rumors about the GED test being changed. The rumors are true, and the new test will be much different, and harder. However, it won't be used until 2014, and the information on our site applies until then.

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