GED Language Arts Writing Test - Part 1 (multiple-choice)

Follow these guidelines until 2014. After that the GED will be replaced by a harder version, and the current information will no longer apply.

Quick Summary of the GED Language Arts Writing Test
Tests For: Writing
Test Parts: 2 Parts (Part 1 multiple-choice plus Part 2 essay)
Test Length: 120 minutes in total (Part 1 is 75 minutes, and Part 2 is 45 minutes)
Number of Questions: 50 in total plus 1 essay (Part 1 has 50 multiple-choice, and Part 2 has 1 essay)

The GED Language Arts Writing Test is divided into two parts designed to measure the applicant's writing skills by testing for writing organization, structure and usage, and the ability to write an essay. This exam draws upon writing assignments that high school students are expected to understand and comprehend. The test format consists of reading text passages and then answering multiple-choice questions about the passages. The actual questions typically depend upon the format of the text passage.

In Part 1 of the GED writing test, applicants interact with several different writing styles. The first type of passage features material commonly found in written business correspondence such as memos and letters. The second type of passage features instructional forms of written text typically used in personal employment resumes or legal forms of writing. The third type of passage consists of text typically found in writings such as high school term papers, written about a particular subject matter in which the content evaluates information or takes a specific position.

GED Language Arts Writing Test - Part 1
Part 1 of the GED Language Arts Writing Test focuses on the applicant's ability to understand various mechanical aspects of writing such as proper sentence organization, sentence structure, and

The organization of sentences in writing covers knowledge on how to editing and revision of written documents. These skills include adding sentences, removing sentences, or repositioning the sentence within the document. This portion of the test also measures an applicant's ability to rearrange or revise paragraph order in a multiple paragraph document to make the passage for cohesive and/or informative.

In addition, the GED Language Arts Writing Test measures an applicant's ability to understand proper sentence structure. This knowledge includes basics such as recognizing improper usage, run-on sentences, incomplete sentences or fragments that do not convey a complete thought, or incorrect punctuation.

Testing for the proper sentence usage in writing requires that applicants understand proper placement of the elements that make up a sentence, subject and verb tense agreement, and pronoun and antecedent agreement and word placement.

GED Language Arts Writing Test - Part 1, The Format
Each individual text passage within the written exam ranges from between 200 to 300 words in length. Furthermore, each passage is followed by questions with multiple-choice answers. These questions measure the exam taker's capability to apply their knowledge for effective communications in writing.

Last Updated: 05/15/2014