GED Practice Tests

Indeed, practice makes perfect. However, does practice really help when you are taking the GED? How can an applicant know where to start practicing, especially considering that the GED is testing for knowledge that the applicant should have learned in school. The real point of practicing is to become familiar with the unfamiliar or understand the structure of the exam. This increased familiarity means learning to understand the rules of the exam, how the GED asks questions, and how much time you should spend when answering each question.

Take Time in Sitting for the GED
When you are preparing to take the battery of GED achievement tests, you should remember that these tests are both mentally and physically exhausting because of their total length. If an applicant chooses to tackle the entire five parts of the GED, they are looking at an exam length of over seven hours of intense concentration. While some jurisdictions require that applicants take the GED all at once, other jurisdictions allow applicants to take the tests over several days. If your testing site allows you to take the test over several days, you should break up the exam over several test periods to ward off fatigue. In fact, statistics show that persons taking the exam over a longer period of time score much better then individuals taking the exam in one long sitting.

Understand the Rules of the GED
GED applicants who have read and understood the rules before an exam sitting also score better. If you know the guidelines, you will have one less worry on the day of the test. Know how the exam expects you to answer each question, and be prepared for those multiple-choice questions. Follow the test directions as written and explained, including the most basic rule that requires you to use your pencil to fill in the circle on your answer sheet completely which corresponds with the correct answer in your test booklet.

Practicing with Similar GED Exam Questions
One of the best features about the GED is the industry of practice materials that has grown up around this standardized test since its development in the 1940s. Many educational companies provide printed materials such as practice questions, flashcards, study guides, and just about anything else that can give you an edge of self-confidence and help relieve your exam anxiety. On the Internet, you can find many websites that are devoted especially to providing self-help study guides and simulated practice exams.

GED Practice Tests

Practice and Practice the GED Again
Practice makes perfect. Even though you do not have to achieve a perfect score in order to pass the GED, the hours you spend preparing certainly will go a long way in relieving your test day anxiety. In addition, you should increase the amount of time you spend reviewing questions and practicing exam time management the closer you get to the actual exam date. And don't let those rumors about a "new" GED coming out slow you down. There is a new GED coming, but not until 2014. Plus, it's supposed to be harder than the one we have now, so it's best if you take the GED before 2014,

Last Updated: 09/18/2014