GED Test International

GED Test International

GED applicants who live outside of the United States can take the exam away from an official GED Testing Center. The GED version presently offered for applicants living outside of the United States is the GED 2002 English Language Series exam, and this exam is administered only via computer. All applicants who take the international GED exam must have basic proficiency—they must be able to operate a computer by moving a mouse to select the appropriate answer on the computer screen.

The International GED exam is provided through a partnership between the ACE GED Testing Service and Prometric Inc., a leading global wide provider of comprehensive testing services. Prometric Inc., a corporation registered in Delaware, uses Maine's Department of Education to issue a GED certificate. As such, this corporation follows procedures specific to the state of Maine. Prometric's Official Testing Centers that administer the GED exam are located worldwide.

A Step-by-Step Procedure for Taking the International GED

Note: Eligibility for the International GED requires that all applicants must be 17 years of age.

Step 1
Applicants must obtain the latest copy of Prometric's publication "International GED Program Testing Bulletin," which provides all the information necessary for taking the International GED. Contact Prometric at:

Fax: (410) 537-1421

Step 2
Applicants must obtain a GED Identification Number (GED ID). The GED ID is the applicant's date of birth in the "day/month/year" format (DDMMYY) and uses two digits to represents the day, month, and year. Date of birth information is followed by the three-digit country code found in the Prometric publication "International GED Program Testing Bulletin." Maintaining this identification number is important. Applicants must use their unique GED ID to schedule their GED exam date and to record their GED exam test scores.

Step 3
Applicants can schedule their GED exam dates at a particular Prometric International Testing Center via the Internet, telephone, fax, or mail. Payment for costs associated with taking the exam is due when the applicant sets the date for his or her exam.

Last Updated: 05/15/2014