GED Test Online

GED Test Online

The Internet increasingly has become a productive tool for finding information, purchasing items, and selling items. Unfortunately, the United States Department of Education and the ACE have not yet adopted the internet as a tool for applicants to take the GED online. Any website posting availability for taking the GED online is making a fraudulent claim.

Nevertheless, applicants can practice for the GED exam over the Internet at many legitimate websites that provide GED example questions, GED information, and other assistance in preparing applicants to take the official exam at a GED Testing Center.

Although some have claimed that obtaining an online high school diploma or certificate is valid, most Internet sources describe this opportunity as fraudulent. The ACE highly recommends that all applicants check with their state's Department of Education, their intended college, or intended employee in order to determine if the diploma or certificate offered by an online Internet source is an accredited form of education. A school or learning institution's accreditation, even for online programs, depends on the state in which the institution is located.

The American Council on Education (ACE) has prepared the following statement regarding the probable fraudulence of Internet sites claiming to offer online GED testing:

ACE Warning against Online GED Testing

The GED Testing Service (GEDTS), a program of the American Council on Education (ACE) and architect of the Tests of General Educational Development (GED Tests), is aware of various entities claiming to offer GED exams online.

Please be advised that the GED credential cannot be earned via the Internet or through correspondence programs. The GED Tests, developed by GEDTS, require extensive preparation and the demonstration of a high level of high school knowledge and academic skills.

The GED Tests are administered in each U.S. state and insular area, Canadian provinces and territories, the U.S. military, and federal correctional institutions via Official GED Testing Centers ONLY. To identify an Official GED Testing Center, please visit

Any services that purport to offer a GED credential through any other means are NOT affiliated with GEDTS or ACE, may be of dubious value, and may deliver a product that is not accepted by employers, colleges and universities, or the military.

Hiring personnel, college admissions officers, and military enlistment personnel: To verify the authenticity of an individual's GED credential, please contact the appropriate jurisdictional agency that administered the GED Tests. A complete listing of these agencies can be found at

Last Updated: 05/15/2014