GED Test Study Guides

GED Test Study Guides

When preparing for the GED, you can use a variety of professional study guides that take you through each of the individual GED Tests. Many educational publishing houses such as McGraw-Hill, Steck-Vaughn, and Barron's offer study guides featuring complete self-help practice exams with questions that closely mimic the real GED Tests. These study guides can be an invaluable asset for an applicant's preparation, since they offer real experience to help you understand the structure and layout of the GED tests.

The volume of information required by the GED Tests can be overwhelming at first, but study guides are designed to cut through that mass of information and help you focus on critical components and decipher what information you actually need to access in order to pass the exam. These study guides are not a "catch all," and they will not make you an expert in any given subject. Instead, these study guides provide the necessary clues and important information regarding test material and preparation issues so you can succeed in passing the GED battery of tests.

Experts recommend that you should use more than one study guide in order to create a broader approach to learning about the GED Tests. Individual study guide authors may introduce their particular method for studying, and sometimes one particular method might not fit with the exact style and approach of a given individual's learning preference. In addition, the writing and arrangement of some study guides provides only an overview of the subject, while other study guides focus their writings directly on one subject. This approach can prove especially helpful if you plan to concentrate only on one part of the GED Tests rather than all five of the exams.

In addition to fully printed study guides, the Internet offers another excellent avenue for GED test preparation. A simple search on the words "GED test study guides" commonly can produce over a thousand hits for this information. Many of these websites offer free downloads of practice exams and other information an applicant must know in order to be fully prepared and confident when taking the GED. Keep in mind that in 2014 a completely different GED is coming out, and the rumor is that it will be much harder to pass. It's a good idea to take it as soon as possible.

Last Updated: 05/15/2014