GED Transcripts, Obtaining Copies

Procedures for obtaining a copy of GED transcripts vary according to the individual state or territory in which the applicant took the test. Most of the time applicants obtain their respective exam records from the Official GED Testing Center where he or she initially took the GED exam.

Request a GED Transcript From an Official GED Testing Center
The (AEC) GED Testing Service maintains a website through which an applicant can request his or her GED Transcript. Virtually any applicant can use this website, including applicants who took the test in the United States, in the military, in overseas locations, in correctional institutions, and in the US Job Corps. Interested persons can access this webpage with the following link:

Request a GED Transcript From a State's Department of Education
Applicants also can take an alternative approach and request their respective transcripts from the state Department of Education in which the GED exam was filed. Applicants can request this information in person at the office of the state Department of Education or submit a documented request to the State's Department of Education.

Step 1
Send a request to the particular state's Department of Education (state in which you took the exam) by letter, fax, email, or download a request form from the specific State's website. The most common information required of a GED applicant includes:

  1. The applicant's full name.
  2. The applicant's social security number.
  3. The applicant's date of birth.
  4. The applicant's address.
  5. The year of the GED testing.
  6. The GED Testing Center

Step 2
Complete the state's Department of Education request form for an educational transcript and return it with the necessary expense fee amount. In addition, you should make sure to mail your request form back to the state's GED records department, if applicable. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that applicants submit all correspondence through the US Postal Service in a manner that allows an applicant to track the mailed request form (such as Priority Mail with tracking, Express Mail, or etc.).

Last Updated: 05/15/2014